Financial Aid

With over 30 years of experience in financial consulting and access to the latest tools we are able to tailor a strategy that will optimize your financial aid opportunities.

Most of our clients are middle to upper middle income and the have at least one of these three concerns:

  1. How they will pay for college and not run out of money, and in the most economical way?
  2. How they can pay the least for college?
  3. (Maybe not as obvious) How they can pay for college without harming their own retirement?

Are any or all of these concerns of yours?

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Student Services

With a vast network of college contacts and experience with the admissions process from the inside and the award winning AchieveWorks Assessment tools we will be able to identify your unique characteristics and build your personal branding that will:

  • Identify the types of schools where you will flourish and succeed
  • Network college contacts to personalize your application
  • Teach you to ask the right questions and look for the important clues in the college visit
  • Help you to develop your personal brand to position you best for admission and financial aid

Where did they go?

Stanford, MIT, Rice, SMU, Baylor UT Austin; these are just a few schools where our students have applied, been accepted, enrolled and graduated all without accumulating crushing student debt and loans.

The Story

Behind The Name

There was a wise owl
Who lived in an oak
The more he heard
The less he spoke
The less he spoke
The more he heard
We all should be like
That Wise old bird

We chose this name because we listen to you and make a complicated process understandable. Let us show you how you can write your story.

Kurt Goedecke

The Wise Owl

Kurt Goedecke

Getting the most college money at the right school is a dance between the application for admissions and financial aid.

I started Wise Owl College Planning to advise and assist parents through the college financial aid process and guide students to the right fit in college. This is accomplished through a confidential and personal review and thorough knowledge and understanding of the college admissions and financial aid process.

Some of our greatest successes include working with a young woman whose parents never went to college and will not support her desire to better herself. We introduced her to a school of which she never would have heard, and she is able to pay for it herself. Another student was coached on how to look at schools that would meet her desire to study music and chemistry and then encouraged her to apply for the full scholarship that will make the cost very reasonable, though her family would have never met the financial need criteria.

It is incredibly rewarding to guide the student to reach their potential. We look forward to coaching your student. Contact me to explore the possibilities to unlock their unique stories.


Kurt and I have helped many mutual clients. I think the reason we work so well together is because we both truly care about the outcome of what we do and the clients best interest. If you’re looking for a professional that doesn’t look out for his own best interest instead of yours, Kurt is the man!

JoAnn Cooper
Senior Mortgage Loan Officer at 1st NWM Corporation

I wanted to send these pictures of Emily’s graduation which finally occurred last month – outside, of course. I want to again extend my gratitude for all your help. It was life changing for her and you had a tremendous influence in making that happen. BTW, she has a job at a lab!

John Symko
President at QSC Consultants LLC

During our daughter’s college search, we found that it was folly to depend on a school’s reputation to determine the ‘best’ college. With Kurt’s help, we learned that the student’s ‘fit’ is the most important thing – both for the student’s success and the chances to minimize the economic burden of college.

Kurt has a way of seeing the best characteristic in a student to share with a college, and to know just the right kind of school that would be the right fit. He helped my daughter through the entire process and with his guidance, we found the perfect college for her!

I wholeheartedly recommend Kurt because choosing a college is a huge life choice and investment that can be made with much more confidence with a real professional at your side!

DJ Blockhus
Sugar Land TX

Kurt is a real professional – very helpful and patient. He offered solid advice on college planning for our son and helped us navigate through the college application process. We appreciate all of Kurt’s help and really enjoyed working with him!

Mike Trevisonno
Sugarland, TX

Kurt Goedecke is able to easily put others at ease to engage them in the project he is developing. He is highly focused on results and with his positive approach to fund raising he has successfully achieved the goals that were set for the Houston Boychoir.

Carole Nelson
Director at Houston Boychoir

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